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  • It’s a fact: Staying active makes you feel better

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It’s a fact: Staying active makes you feel better

Staying active at home.

Being encouraged to stay at home to protect ourselves has deprived many of us of the physical company of our family and friends. As a result it’s only naturally if we feel anxious, depressed or unsure of the future. The trouble is that it can affect our health, so the best thing we can do is to look after ourselves by staying active, keeping ourselves busy, and staying in touch with family and friends.

Don’t forget to keep moving.

Staying active can make all the difference to your physical and mental health, and it’ll help keep your mind free of negative thoughts. Besides being good for your immune system and your overall wellbeing, it will help you to relax.

Get busy in the garden.

Make a point of getting out into the garden if you have one. Sunlight and a bit of fresh air can help lift your mood, and don’t underestimate the benefits of gardening as a way of exercising and burning calories. Of course much depends on your fitness level, but whether you’re digging, lawn mowing, weeding and simply raking up the leaves, it can add up to the outdoor equivalent of a gym workout.

Set a routine and have something to look forward to.

Use your diary or calendar to plan your day. You could dig out your recipes and bake something special. Write someone a letter. Try a bit of easy yoga, chair aerobics or tai chi. Just a little bending and stretching is better than none at all. Listen to music while you’re doing it, or use a DVD or online exercise class to help you. Even cleaning around the house is being active.

Stay connected with family and friends.

Whenever you feel a bit down, what could be better for lifting your spirits than a call to the family? As simple as picking up the phone, it’s the next best thing to being with them. You don’t need an excuse for an impromptu chat. Just do it! (But make sure you’re on the best tariff or call package before you spend an hour on the phone!)

Better still, see who you’re chatting to.

If you’re not already familiar with how the internet can keep you in touch with the people you miss, perhaps you could get a friend or relative to show you how to do it. Once you know how, it’ll be more than worth the effort.

You could even have an easy to use video call enabled device that lets you see the person you’re chatting to. You might be surprised how many people use this kind of technology on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. And whatever you do, don’t forget to smile…

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