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  • Meet Brenda, one of Polly’s Fields happy new village people.

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Meet Brenda, one of Polly’s Fields happy new village people.

Since moving to Polly’s Field retirement village, Brenda has discovered a whole new outlook on life and really is living it to the full. Brenda moved to her 1st floor apartment in March, and now we see lots of her in and around the village hub, always smiling and chatting to everyone. So, 3 months after she joined us, we thought it would be good to meet up with her and hear her thoughts on village life. 

“I haven’t regretted moving for one second,” Brenda told us.

You read about other people moving to a village like Polly’s Field, but it’s only when you do it yourself that you appreciate how good the life here really is. Making friends and becoming part of the new community. Discovering the village facilities. Treating yourself in the hairdressing and beauty salon. Knowing you can live life as you please, being active or relaxed as the mood takes you.  

“Because of Covid, I had no social life before I moved but I now have many new friends and am busy all the time. I was one of the first to move in and now as more people move in, we are doing lots more activities.”

Enjoying the pleasure of being in the company of like-minded friends and neighbours, and always having lots to do – these are all important aspects of life at Polly’s Field Village. So is knowing that you’re part of a lively and caring community of friends and neighbours, sharing interests, discovering new ones. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of moving to a new village community.

“Yesterday at our art class, we had music playing and we all started singing – it was great fun.”

You can be as active or as relaxed as you feel like being at Polly’s Field, and yet seeing the people around you having a great time is infectious. You’re almost certain to find yourself being more active and sociable, and loving it! And while there are lots of opportunities to try something new, you can always just relax and take in the lovely views over open countryside.

“I do “Swing & Sway” too – a lively exercise class. I look forward to it every week – it’s so uplifting and a brilliant way to keep fit.”

It’s so true what they say – you definitely do get a buzz from a bit of exercise, and it’s so much more fun to do it with a few friends. You can feel at home here and encourage each other. As the village has its own gym, you can pop in whenever you feel like it, and there’ll always be someone around to look after you.   

“I volunteer to help on reception. It’s a great way to meet people. We have a laugh and it keeps me busy.”

This is my very own village now and it’s a lovely feeling. I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but we’re like a family of friends. We help each other and we have a laugh doing it. It’s the way all communities ought to be.

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