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  • Life in a retirement village – Could it be for you?

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Life in a retirement village – Could it be for you?

If you ever wondered what life would be like in a retirement village, read on.

While the very thought of moving home during retirement can seem a bit daunting, on the upside you’d have a more manageable home, added security, the freedom to pursue dreams that have been put on hold, or you can think of it as a fresh start in new surroundings, with new friends and interesting activities on offer.

A new, efficient and manageable home.

Now the kids have left home, you may find yourself with space that you just don’t need anymore and would rather not have to maintain and clean. So think of a move as a great chance to clear-out a lot of accumulated clutter that you no longer need. Then again, moving to a retirement village property may also free up some extra capital that you could spend on enjoying daily life, or travelling to places you’ve always dreamed of.

Live somewhere new.

Have you ever wanted to live in the countryside? Moving in retirement, with fewer commitments like a job or children holding you back, might give you the freedom to do it. There are many retirement villages in the UK to choose from located on the edge of towns or in scenic countryside, so whether you’re looking to move closer to a beautiful location or to be closer to family and friends, you have a good choice.

Make new friends.

A retirement village like Polly’s Field can provide you with a great sense of community – perfect if you want to make new friends with like-minded people who are at the same stage in life. You’ll also find yourself getting involved in lots of social activities that can be anything from bridge, dancing, painting, cooking – you name it. And there’ll always be someone to pass the time of day with.    

No security worries.  

In a retirement village you needn’t worry about security. Not only are there CCTV cameras, you have your own key or door card, homes are well equipped with the latest safety and security features. And should you want to travel to those places you’ve always dreamed of visiting, living in a retirement village means you can do this secure in the knowledge there is a village team on site to make sure your property is safe while you travel. 

Wellbeing support.

Retirement villages offer support for the physical and mental wellbeing of their residents. At Polly’s Field Village, for instance, you can enjoy a host of social opportunities and facilities that include a gym, village hall, activities room, hairdressing and beauty salon, bistro & bar, library & IT room and landscaped gardens. For more personal support, a dedicated on-site team is on hand and can deliver it in the comfort of your own apartment. What’s more, the village team are always on hand to help out if any assistance is required and can be a reassurance for worried children.

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