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  • A village

    designed for


    later life

Taking time to make the most of later life

At Polly’s Field Village you’ll find a range of leisure facilities to help you enjoy a rewarding social life, stay fit and well, ensure you always look your best, and make it easy to spend time with friends and neighbours enjoying a coffee or an evening meal. And the great part is you can do all of this without even needing to leave the village.


Everything you need, right on your doorstep

Our village facilities are designed to help over 55s make more of their independence. Whenever the mood takes you, you’ll be able to pop into the compact gym for a bit of easy keep fit. There’s the village hall – ideal for lively get togethers, while the activities room is a good place for pursuing hobbies. You’ll love the oh-so-convenient hairdressing and beauty salon, while the stylish bistro/restaurant is ideal for dining out without going out. Want friends over to stay? Why not use the village guest room? And should you need a little personal help with washing, the village also has an assisted bathroom.


A bit of exercise goes a long way

Even if you never visited a gym in your life, we think you’ll feel at home in ours. It’s not big or in the least bit intimidating, and it’s never too late to experience the buzz you get from just a modicum of gentle exercise. We’re not suggesting you try anything strenuous, and besides, you can take your time, there’ll always be someone around to look after you, and exercise is guaranteed to make you look and feel better.


Your own village restaurant

What’s your fancy? A morning cup of tea or coffee while you read your newspaper? A spot of breakfast and a chinwag with the neighbours? Just drop into the village restaurant and you’re bound to find a friendly face. It’s a great way to start your day. And when evening comes around, just slip into something casual and head back for an enjoyable evening meal.


A village built for good times

All the best villages have their very own space to pursue activities and hobbies, old and new. You may want to join an art class or organise a bingo evening or quiz night for friends and family. This is the place to do it. And for those that are green-fingered the village will have its very own greenhouse to use as you please.


Always look and feel your best

The village’s very own exclusive hair and beauty salon is bound to be popular when you want to look your best for that special occasion. On the other hand it’s just nice to have a place where you can come and sit back, relax and catch up on gossip. Drop in anytime and treat yourself to a refreshing facial, have your nails done, a welcome spot of pampering, indulge in a few highlights, or try a completely new look.

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