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  • 10 reasons to choose a retirement village

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10 reasons to choose a retirement village

A new, more manageable home. Lots of new friends and social opportunities. Leisure facilities on your doorstep. A great sense of community.

No security worries. Wellbeing support. A change of scenery. These are just some of the advantages you could enjoy by living in a retirement village – and you don’t even need to be retired. Usually the only criteria is that you need to be over 55 or 60.

New friends and social opportunities.

A retirement village is an excellent opportunity to make new, like minded friends to socialise with, who may well share similar interests to you. So you’ll also find yourself getting involved in lots of social activities, which could be anything from bridge, dancing, painting, cooking – you name it. And of course new friends are a great way to discover interesting new hobbies, develop any hidden talents or try out new things that you never found time for.

A great sense of community.

Retirement villages are actually self-contained communities where you’ll usually find a range of convenient leisure facilities and village amenities around which to socialise. There’ll probably be a cafe or bar, a village restaurant, a gym, a village hall or area for communal get-togethers. You might even find a village shop or hairdresser. And when you need to relax, the village will most likely have well-kept grounds or gardens where you can do just that.

A new, more easily-managed home.

Once the kids have left home, you could decide that you simply no longer need a family-sized house any more that needs heating and maintaining. And then there’s the garden to look after. Moving to a retirement village, you’d have a modern, well-equipped apartment designed to make life easier for people over 55. Along with up to date safety and security features, you’ll most likely find that running and maintenance costs are a more convenient size too.

Retirement accommodation options.

If you’d rather not sell your home in order to pay for accommodation in a residential care home, you could buy a property in a retirement village, stay on the property ladder, and still benefit from future house-price growth. This could also free up useful capital. Either way you’d have an asset to pass on to your family. What’s more, in a retirement village you’ll retain your independence, can have friends and family round anytime.

Always lots to do.

In a retirement village you’re sure to have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of leisure facilities, all of which will be designed to be accessed by people over 55. Besides which there’s likely to be a rolling programme of social events, activities and perhaps trips out to be shared with friends and neighbours. And of course there’s be plenty of time to relax in the village’s own bar, cafe or restaurant, or helping to organise get togethers and share hobbies.

A welcome change of scenery.

If you’ve ever wanted to settle in a different part of the country, choosing to live in a retirement village could give you the chance to do it now that you have fewer commitments like a job or children holding you back. There are a number of retirement villages in the UK to choose from, some of which are located on the edge of towns or in scenic countryside. So whether you’re looking to move closer to a beautiful location or to be closer to family and friends, you have a good choice.

No more security worries.

In a retirement village you’ll probably find that security is a high priority as most villages install CCTV cameras and provide residents with their own key or door card. Village homes are usually well equipped with the latest safety and security features. If you want to go away on holiday, say, you can rest assured that village staff will be on hand to make sure your property is safe.

Access to wellbeing support.

One of the most reassuring features of living in a retirement village is that help and support will always be on hand should you need it. This could cover anything from a little help with with laundry, domestic chores or shopping, to more personal care that might be provided by an on-site team, who will also be available for 24 hour on-site emergency assistance, perhaps delivered in your own home.

Stay as a couple.

In a retirement village, even if you need care in later life, you can remain living together. This may not be possible should one of you need to go into a care home. Also, living in a village means you can come and go as you please, do your own thing, enjoy separate hobbies and pastimes just as you would if you had your own home – because of course you do.

Less need to travel.

With all the facilities, amenities and services right there in the village, you could discover there’s less need to drive or use public transport quite so much as you’ve been used to. And depending on just where your village is located, there may be new opportunities to enjoy exploring the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle. It could be an ideal way to fit a little exercise into your new retirement lifestyle.

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